The Restaurant

The Chef

Executive Chef Abdul H. Sharaki has over 25 years experience. Each plate prepared is done with utmost care. Ingredients are carefully picked and prepared specially for you. Every plate has a unique story.

The Restaurant

The highest rated restaurant in New River Valley. Our unique Victorian setting adds special atmosphere to your night.

Customer Service

Our service is outstanding. Every single customer satisfaction is our highest priority. The Summit is always highly rated.


A selection of letters sent by patrons

"A true dining experience..."

"The food was delicious..."

"We extend our sincere compliments to the Chef..."

"What a wonderful surprise to find you..."

Quotes from recent guests

"Superb experience, Chef equals genius"

"Unmatchable flavors and imaginative cuisine, so beautifully presented"

"Best food since Paris"

AAA TourBook 2000 edition

"The menu is eclectic as evident by the varied cuisine: Mediterranean, Italian, Indian, and Continental. But the tastes and presentation of all of the seafood, beef, and fowl dishes are consistent and memorable. The service is top-notch."

Best Chef America.

Our Chef Nominated for Best Chef America.

BEST CHEFS AMERICA is the ultimate chef's guide to chefs. Our annual publication is compiled by a comprehensive process of interviewing chefs across the country. Chefs are nominated for participation by fellow chefs, other culinary professionals, and food enthusiasts.